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About FootJoy

FootJoy is all about comfort. FootJoy is all about performance. FootJoy is all about tradition. For nearly 150 years, FootJoy has been committed to creating superior golf footwear, gloves, and accessories that will enhance the golfer’s on-course experience.

Second to none, FootJoy is the choice of those who love the game, from young to old, from amateur to top professional. For more than 55 years, FootJoy has been the leading golf shoe on the PGA tour. This proves, when given a choice, the best golfers in the world choose the best golf shoes in the world.


FootJoy Timeline

1927 - Field and Flint Company's FootJoy line of golf shoes becomes official shoe for American Ryder Cup team captained by Walter Hagen.

1979/1980 - FootJoy enters the golf glove business. Sta-Sof gloves are introduced. Introduction of the Sta-Sof® cabretta leather golf glove, which quickly becomes the #1 selling glove in golf. This begins close working relationship with Pittards of England.

1981 - FootJoy enters the sock business. Socks are FootJoy's third core category.

1989 - DryJoys® golf shoes were introduced. Even today, DryJoys still set the standard for waterproof golf shoe technology.

1996 - FootJoy celebrates the sale of the 50 millionth glove sold worldwide. 1997 - Strategic marketing/OEM product alliance established with SoftSpikes, Inc. Introduction of DryJoys Performance OuterwearTM. FootJoy introduces women's fashion category

2001 - DryJoys re-engineered with OPTIFLEXTM Technology producing the most flexible DryJoys ever. Built upon the success of the developing lasts from Laser Fitting System data, FootJoy introduces the Women's Laser Last. Introduction of Contour SeriesTM golf shoe, with patented comfort technology. Reengineered women's DryJoys golf shoe, re-launched with Women's Laser Last and the Vari-Fit SystemTM. Introduction of F3TM, Women's Sta-CoolerTM, Women's Sta-Cooler Sport glove.

2006 - Introduction of the revolutionary BOA Lacing System, allowing shoes to be securely fastened without the use of traditional laces. 2010 - Introduction of the FJ ICON shoe - Combining design inspiration from over 100 years of cumulative experience, FootJoy’s iconic heritage is assimilated in the FJ ICON designs and style.
Introduction of the FJ SPORT shoe - The all new sporty offering , delivers a sleek, fresh new category to FootJoy's performance line-up.


Click on the picture to customise your golf shoes.

MyJoys from FootJoy is a fanstatic way to customise the worlds #1 waterproof golf shoe. A custom pair of MyJoys can be completed in 6 easy steps!

Step 1. - Select shoe style.

Step 2. - Select your size, width and quantity.

Step 3. - Select from a number of base and saddle colours, even select the colour you want the laces.

Step 4. - Make the shoes your own by adding a logo or even some writing (optional).

Step 5. - Review your MyJoys.

Step 6. - Email your design to and we will email you back with a quote and if your happy we can order them for you and send them to your front door or pick up in store.


Please Note:

Because MyJoys are built to your unique specifications, FootJoy make them from scratch and ship them in 3 to 5 weeks.


MyJoys shipping times are currently 7 weeks from the date orders are placed.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you.